Please take some time to complete our well-being survey. Your answers should be your own and will remain 100% confidential.

We use this information for anonymous statistical reporting and also to help us assist in improving your working environment.

I feel I have the right balance of responsibility and authority

Work is fairly distributed across the entire team

We are encouraged by management to work as a team

I feel there is a good balance between my work life and my personal life

I can count on my team members for support and encouragement

I can communicate openly and honestly within my workplace

All team members are held accountable for decisions they make

Our supervisors seek feedback and effectively listen to us

I do not worry about work when I am not there

I consider my manager/supervisor to be an integral part of the team

My job rarely interferes with my personal/family/social commitments

We are given regular, quality feedback about our performance as a team

Our suggestions and ideas for company improvement and/or growth are given serious consideration

My company has a clear policy on work life balance

There is no pressure on me to perform above and beyond my obligations at work (expected overtime, unconsulted shift change etc)

There is adequate communication in all directions of our organisation

My team effectively debates and discusses issues in a respectful manner

I am treated fairly and equally by my direct manager/s

I feel the company as a whole values and rewards someone in my position

I am given the right level control over my decision making and general duties in the workplace

I benefit from supportive feedback and constructive criticism

I rarely work more than my contracted hours

My workplace cultivates and maintains a high level of team building and team working

I feel positive about starting work each day/shift

I feel valued and respected within my workplace